The Balance

We live in a world that teaches us to create balance. The Earth herself goes every day to changes, but in the end, nature maintains a gracious balance of everything in existence. When we talk about the concept of polarization we now that we have one positive and one negative and all the discharges happen in between those two points, well, the principle applies to everything and all those discharges may be balancing both poles. We may talk about Earth polarization, north vs. south, or us humans; it is all the same.
We may be familiar with the notion of chakra which describes the entry or the focal points of a different kind of energy. Same as Earth we go from south to north from the root chakra to crown chakra and as long as we maintain balance our spirit is alive and well. All the ancient techniques of meditation and balancing the chakras are telling us that we must evolve from lower to higher energy of consciousness. The root chakra could be identified as the basic instinct that kept us alive in a lower density. However, as long we try to evolve and succeed we realize that lower energy does not sustain anymore our path to spirituality. It is not by accident that sexual desire diminished while getting older, but it is a great sign that we must evolve during our life here on Earth. Seeing some of us stuck into that density, trying desperately by using all kind of medications to maintain themselves sexually active, is proving that we are not ready to graduate.
On the other hand, we see some of the so-called yogis trying to torture themselves to get rid of the primary instincts. Either way, it is a misunderstood concept. The spiritual evolution does not come through medical science nor self-inflicted pain but through a better understanding of the illusion that we call life.
Everything that the Creator did for us it is for acquiring divine knowledge that comes to help in showing us the path to liberation. We are here to experience a beautiful word, not to abuse it or ignore it.
Once again, we have to bring up the ancient technique of meditation that connects us with the source and gives us the undoubted knowledge of the truth. That is a simple step for our mind but a huge step for our soul. The mind is the tool of help and not of control, and that is what we require to embrace in our western society. Once we proceed believing the mind is the only tool we break the balance of the natural order believing that we are the gods of Earth.