The False Prophet

Hello everyone,

I have been called a false prophet in one of my book review, Fulfillment.

Well, I do not know if I should be sad or happy about such a statement. I am a prophet I would say, even I am a false one. The truth is that I am no prophet, but merely a human being who is following the path of awakening and trying to connect daily with the source. Why I got such honor though? That title was assigned to me because I do not share the dogma of the Christian religion. Jesus is my teacher, and we all strive to get to his level of understanding of knowledge and truth, but I cannot agree with many of the human-made scripture statements. We all know conservative Christians get easily upset if we draw another version of Jesus’ teaching.
But on the other hand, did not the Pharisees did the same when Jesus preached? What would be the difference? I would tell everyone to look into knowledge with an open mind and not to believe it blindly. It is nothing wrong into asking questions to discover our truth. If that truth is different from one religion or another, it does not mean we are false prophets. As a matter, always curious people brought the most to humanity in the spiritual or non-spiritual world. What would Buddha be or Lao-Tzu if they would not search for the truth? As a matter of fact, what would Jesus be if he would not oppose a culture that was stuck into customs and forgot about God? Now and then we have to remember and see God through our own eyes and not through principles and ideas that are not ours. When we discover the truth, we become the co-creators as children of God, and that is what brings us closer to Him. We must share the everlasting love that God has used to bring us to this life. We may be Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus or any other religion but good in us will prevail. We are all one consciousness that comes from the same source, and our manifestation only differs through experience.
Let’s all act with love, and no one would call another a false prophet any longer.