Am I a Christian?

What does it mean to be a Christian? Many of us believe that if we praise Jesus is good enough. We believe in him, and that makes us Christians, and we have the path paved to Heaven. I even heard some saying that others cannot go to Heaven because they do not believe in Jesus. What a rookie mistake! We forgot what Jesus said, and we created a religion that does the same thing that others were doing at the time of Jesus: rejecting fellow humans since they do not follow the same belief. We have forgotten what is all about. It is not about Jesus, the man who walked on Earth but about his spirit and his teaching. We consider ourselves Christians, but we refuse to do what Jesus has been teaching us. Does not he said, “Love each other?” And what do we do? We instigate to hate removing love from our hearts when we are at work, playing politics and promoting lies.
There is a series of movies called “WWJD” which comes from “What Would Jesus Do,” an expression that becomes popular in the nineties. We know Jesus, we have him in our hearts, and when we start a new day, we must think of ourselves as him and ask ourselves. Would he do such things? We may be surprised by the results. Our current way of life would become obsolete, and we would come to realize what is to be Christian, not be religion but by heart and by our actions.
Compassion, love, and forgiveness are the key to a Christ consciousness. Those attributes are what makes us Christians, and if others follow those, they are Christians too. Again, we should stop thinking about Christianity as a religion but as a way of spiritual enlightenment. Jesus never wanted to create a new religion even that would have had been a minor task for him, but he tried to guide and teach us spirituality. That teaching is what we should consider when we say we are Christians.