The Doubter

From the book Fulfillment:

Conversation with My Spirit Guide: The Amnesia

The Spirit Guide: My dear Soul, remember all the training and knowledge you gained here. I must warn you: it is not going to be easy. The experience will be very different from what we did here. The plane is dense and limited. You will get frustrated at first.

The Soul: How come? I see everything from up here, and it looks like a straightforward job. I have looked down to Earth and have seen us with our puny actions and struggles. It looks like a little puzzle from up here and seems so easy to fix. I can move that one and another, and the puzzle will be complete. Only a few small moves. I bet it will take no time. The Soul said that even he knew that time has no importance.

The Spirit Guide: They will be angry with you. They will ridicule you. Some of them will hate you and some will even hit you and try to push fear onto you, but worst of all: they will try to put doubt in your heart. The amnesiacs are too many compared to the ones who remember. You may become one of them; you may forget everything.

Who is this character, The Doubter? Well, this could be any one of us. From Thomas in Jesus’ time to the current day, doubters are everywhere. What is so bad about them? Doubters can quickly become what we call evil in our world. Once the doubt takes over the individual will try to use his or her cleverness to influence others. The cleverer we become, the more the evil will try to take over. And when that is happening, we try to convince others. That is one of the greatest sins. We must stand strong while such individuals may convince us that even the fact is not a fact. And yes, “smart” debates will follow. Exact as the Spirit Guide warned the Soul, these people will try to put doubt in our hearts. What should we do? We should leave them alone. We should not listen to them and more than that we should not try to convert them because they are complete amnesiacs who refuse to listen to their hearts. They have set their own path, and it is what they have chosen. However, when they try to bully others, we must stop them, because we all have free will and the doubters do the work against it. Many of the doubters as the second step of their logical mind become bullies against people of God. And that is not acceptable. When we see such people, we must try to bring compassion and love to compensate for their evilness.
Do not doubt yourselves brothers and sisters and do not force anything on others, because that will make us bullies too.