The Chosen Ones

Who are the chosen ones, and why God chose them? We hear from many religions that God sent enlightened beings on Earth, and we are calling them the chosen ones. Even more, we have started religions and congregations based on their philosophies and ideas, but we forget one thing, or we choose to ignore it. They have a mission to make us remember and not to create another religion. Very easy Jesus or Buddha could have been successful in creating any community they would have wanted. They had a considerable number of followers, but they did not want that. They knew that would not be their purpose. All the enlighten people coming into our lives here on Earth, have only one purpose: to let us know that we are all the chosen ones, without exception. There is no one here to stop any of us from manifesting God’s will unless we do not want to. We can help each other to remember our purpose, which is simple and basic: to help, love each other, and serve. It is true; we find obstacles; we find reasons not to act upon our consciousness, but after all, we will learn our lessons, and we will become the enlightened ones. I have said it many times. “We are the messengers of God,” and as a result, we are obliged to release his message. Do we do it? Do we let God in our lives? Many times we do not. We create our own obstacles as society, money, and get deeper and deeper into physicality, forgetting our origins.
Someone asked on if we can lose our souls. It is an amusing question, but it is coming from the fact that we forgot what we are, and we project ourselves as physical, temporal beings. The misconception comes from the ones who forgot God and convince us to forget too. Every single day those corrupted people try to convince us that there is no God and no other realm but the one we live now on Earth. All the advertisements, political lies, and media are used for tricking us, the souls. We are the souls, and not we have a soul. We experience physical to learn and evolve and not as a singular adventure that once is complete, then we cease to exist.
We have a life behind this world, and we are chosen to be here, all of us. If we only remember! Oh God that would be the revelation of humanity.