(re) (de) Activate

A few weeks ago, I saw at the subway in New York City a man wearing a shirt that has some weird demonic graphics on it. On the back, it said, “The unholy army of evil.”
It was bizarre, at least for me, to see someone like that and immediately made me think. Why would someone go to such extent, not only to forget God but go against it?
And as usual, the answer came right away in my mind as the word “activation.” It is extraordinary when the answer just pops up and not in the form of word communication but rather a representation that immediately we try and succeed in putting it into words.
Our souls come here being activated as messengers of God. Later we have a choice to deviate from our purpose and forget, and that action comes into the words as de-activation of the soul. Once that de-activation is complete, we go to a first step of maybe anger, maybe fear or any other negative emotion that represents the absence of the love of God. From that point on, we clearly have two alternatives: the happy one is to re-activate our souls, or the sad one is to continue as that gentleman I saw at the subway, to degenerate.
The second option is what we call evil. Our minds continuously reject any concept of love and make the soul forgotten. The tragedy in such cases is that it may be no way back, or virtually impossible to return. No matter what we try, those people would not listen, and even more, they will try to impose the negativity on others. What do we do? We either let them alone or if they get in our path, we move them away. Jesus, for instance, did the same. He is love and emanates love, but only for the ones who want to receive it. In religion is coming in the form of “If you believe.” Belief is nothing but the acceptance of God. Once we do accept him, we re-activate. Is that simple!
Re-activation will happen ultimately to everyone, but we must be willing to go that way. We may wait one life or one hundred lives until we learn that lesson, that is up to us.