Awakening Shift

What is awakening? Many of us, when hearing that word, develop a little curiosity and interest. If that happens, then we know we are already on that path, and there is no way back. We feel that we must do it, we must follow our inner feelings, and we come to realize the longing of the heart. One of my most favorite movies of all time is The Shift, produced by Dr. Wayne Dyer, a great teacher that the world had been given us. The reason I love that movie is that everything that he said was already in my heart. Everything that moves us from egocentric to spiritual, starting with love and compassion, it has been described beautifully in that movie. The result is so natural that we may think: “How have we been so blind before?” But after all, is nothing wrong with it. We come from one state to another as a result of evolving is a dual world.
Dr. Wayne Dyer explained what the result of the occurring shift is. He called it the shift from ambition to meaning and, in short, is nothing but a transformation or better said a returning to our origins.

The following is a summary of the shift in Dr. Dyer’s view.
“The first shift that we all make takes us from non-being to being, from Spirit to form, from the invisible to our corporeal world of things.

The next shift is the phase I call ambition, where we take on an ego-self that is the opposite of the place of Spirit from which we came. Ego in this context is our false self.

These first two shifts are mandatory in the human journey.
Unfortunately, for many people, ambition is often the end of their life story, but there are two more shifts open to us!

We can all choose to make the leap past the second shift of ego-driven ambition. We arrive at the third shift when we realize that we have an option to make a U-turn away from the false self. We can do an about-face and head back to the place of Spirit in a third shift.

And then, in the fourth shift, we achieve a life of meaning and purpose by rededicating our ambition to the fulfillment of our authentic self. We discover that the laws of the material world do not necessarily apply in the presence of the meaning that is encouraged by our shift to Source. Manifestations of miracles begin to populate the landscape of life.

Meaning is now what defines all the moments of our existence. We can fulfill our greatest calling when we consciously undertake the journey from Ambition to Meaning. We can transform our individual lives and influence the destiny of our sacred planet as well.”

So how do we do it? Can anyone achieve this state? If there is willingness, we should not find any obstacle to hard to overcome. We are powerful beings related to God, and God has no blockages. We must leave the evil creation of our mind, the ego to starve and despair, and only then the nature of our souls, the Spirit will reveal. And the shift will naturally happen.