The Journey of Life

One may ask what happens here in this reality? We came into this life to complete a beautiful journey and arrive happily to a destination that we have craved for. However, our vacation plan can be easily ruined if we do not pay attention to. We are born as beautiful innocent beings, and our ancestral planes are marvelous, but something is spoiling our mood. As children, we know with certitude what we have to do. We know that our inner peace and happiness are our attributes and that life is a precious gift from God. We step into life as messengers from God, and we supposed to play that role to the end of our journey. But somehow, we cannot follow. It is something that deviates us from our destination, and that is the evil. Many of us imagine evil is an energy or an entity independent of us, but what if we are wrong about that? What if I tell you that evil gets over is nothing else but the acronym of it: EGO. Yes, our ego is nothing else but the evil we are talking about. Out of ego, we do horrible things, and again, out of the ego, we tried desperately to justify our actions because ego must be right at all times in order to survive.
When we became enslaved by the ego, that is the time when we forget God. The more egotistic we become, the more we believe we are separated from the source, and we start to look at everyone or everything else being singularities in this plane. As a result, we start a new evil action: competition. Within the process, we get into a system of accumulation and gratification of our-selves. Ego takes over! Within all the compulsions, we lose control and forget everything that we have planned to do. We forget God, and we forget our destination and our sense of direction. We look more and more for material things, and we imprison our souls.
How do we get back on track? How do we get the feeling that we have as children, that unconditional love and happiness? Well, it is a simple step, or better said, it is a single moment when we need to stop the madness. We need to remove the evil, our ego. It is not easy since we have been brainwashed during our life at home, in school, or any other institution, but it is not impossible. When we stop feeding our egos, the beautiful souls that we are will strive and reconnect with the source. Right away, an amazing feeling of security and happiness will invade us, just like the lost children when they find their parents. We regain our parents when we remember God. We recognize the destination, and also we gain back the direction. It is a beautiful sensation of founding ourselves, finding the truth. The truth that sets us free.