Reconnect to the True-Self

It may sound a paradox to try to connect to my self since it is me trying to do so. If we decide to interpret that sentence, we may find that it is an absurd idea. But that is the point; logic does not have anything to do with that connection that we have severed.
To put it in a way that our logical brain would understand is difficult, but I will try to do so. All the feelings that come from the place of quietness as meditation or prayers are not manifesting through words. Who is doing meditation on a daily bases would find that easy to understand. And I am not trying to emphasize that one is better than another as the one who meditates is better than the one who does not. No, I am trying to explain what it is to receive ideas from the source without words. It seems magical, but in fact, it is something that every human being is equipped with. At some point, when we keep practicing quietness and shut down our thoughts, we get knowledge without knowledge. We know God without having the need or logical arguments to explain. We regain our consciousness. We reconnect with our True-Self. I am so excited to bring this kind of news to any who wants to shift to that way that sometimes I find myself emotional. It is nothing else but the love of God. It is like we meet someone we love after a long time. That is the sentiment: a great feeling and a powerful one. I wish God put the right words in my mouth that more and more people would understand it or at least would open their hearts to it.
What is it to reconnect? That question has only one answer: to come back to the origin, to the space we have arrived before being born, the place of love and unity. One simple realization may bring us peace and happiness.
I wish everyone all the best and happy trailing.