Balancing Chakras

Many of us who are trying to pursue the spiritual path, get to work with and experience the chakra opening. I am going to talk here about the third eye and heart chakra. Those are no more important than others, but I would like to talk about the experience of opening them and work toward a balance that we need to maintain in order to follow the path of spirituality.
I have started different methods of meditation, and in the beginning, I was excited, just like a child going to play with his friends and I have imagined how cool it would be when finally, I will achieve my goal. I had all kinds of scenarios of new and improved me.
Well, after years and years of practicing, God revealed the unknown to me, and I was a bit surprised to see that none of my egocentric thoughts took place. What should we expect when starting meditation and planning to walk the path? Now, after going through that experience, I say nothing. We should not expect and rush into anything because time has no importance at all. Like everything in nature, we must let the course to take place and naturally follow it. And believe me, it is amazing, peaceful, and rewarding. As I said, no rush is needed, and no mind work required. We only have to open a channel with the source, and the more we practice, the more information we receive.
There are no words in this communication, but knowledge without knowledge. What do I mean by that is that suddenly we know the universal truth, we understand spirituality, we communicate with God more easily than before and without requiring a scientific explanation. We just know.
Now, every chakra is a vortex of energy that balances our bodies, and if we try to pursue one more than the other, we may lose the sense of this plane. Let me give an example that I have noticed happening.
In the beginning, the heart chakra was becoming active, and that is the source of love and healing. We become more compassionate, more helpful, more serving. We may cry easily through human emotions or empathy with any being. Heart chakra brings back the humanity that we were born with and reminds us of the plane that we live in, reminds us of love and that through love, we must evolve. Fear goes away.
Now we keep going, and we open the third eye. A first great feeling of that is that we understand source and life. We get God’s knowledge, and we appreciate life and death. We start understanding the “why” that we looked upon for the whole life, and we realize we have to correct our actions and not to create karma. We seek others with compassion as well as understanding them or seeing their mistakes without judging.
However, when we focus on the third eye too much, we may unbalance other chakras. We may forget love for others, and when they need help, we may look first into their karma instead of trying to help them. We may say they have to pay that karma, so let them suffer. At all times, our purpose is to be in service. Once the connection is established with the source, that will not be forgotten.
Coming back to chakra’s discussion, we must remember that it is essential to balance all energy points of entries in our bodies if we want to get to the end of the path. In a future article, I will talk more about all chakras from my experience. Everyone’s perspective may be a little different, but overall we are all the same, we are all one, and the path has only one spiritual ending.