Rooting Into Physicality

Why do people like so much the physical world? On the one hand, it is a great playground, but on the other it comes with the risk of becoming too attached to it, and that I call “Rooting Into Physicality.” How do we know that we are attached to this world? It is straightforward. We can start we what do we accumulate and how much we stick to it. And we see that action all over the world. We buy more and more stuff that we may not even need, and we do not want to give it up. And then we want to have more. Moving forward, something else comes into the picture: the fear of losing it. When fear is kicking in, we lose all our senses to connect with God. Fear is the opposite of love as we already know it. We forget to love, and then the fear is generating other negative emotions like anger, greed, or hate. Overall we forget to be human as a creation of God; we forget God. So, why is that a problem? Without God, we are lost; we are children without parents who cannot find the way home.

What is another sign that we are to root into the physical world? The sense of entitlement! We really believe that we deserve more than others because we have more money or a better position in society. We replace the self and higher self with the ego.

Is all mentioned above good or bad? Well, this is the beauty of this dual world. Some of us say that it is great. “My ego serves me is getting me where I want to be.” Others try to get away from egocentric actions.

And of course, the physicality is reflected by physical pleasures as sexual activities, or eating. I am not debating the fact that those are experiences that we must be part of, but they should not be enslaving us.

However, when moving toward spirituality and enlightenment, we came to realize that any of the above is essential. We must progress on the spiritual ladder, and that is our purpose. The playground here is nothing more than an illusion, a teaching ground, a traveling spot, and ultimately a place to say goodbye when going back home.

How do we move from physical to spiritual? There is no secret recipe or a miracle needed. It is only the will of any of us. We are meant to be challenged, and through the process, we gain experience, but clearly, it could be a test that we subscribed to. The test is what we have agreed upon. If we failed it, we might need to start from scratch, the same as we are doing here in school. There is no punishment for doing it wrong, except the one sentence that we deliver to ourselves.

Let us recap the “Root to Physicality” signs:

  • accumulation of goods
  • expressing ourselves as greedy when we ask for more
  • fear of losing what we do not need
  • sense of entitlement, feeling we deserve more than others
  • seeing the ego as useful in our life
  • addiction to sexual activities and other physical pleasures as eating, for instance.

I am not judging here or asking people to change. I am leaving it for any of us to choose because the choice is always ours. 

We are all having the same purpose and goal, it is just some of us are slower learners, or we decided to forget. This article I consider it to be just an awakening cal, nothing more.