Empty Spaces

Have you ever try to find a space in the fridge or inside a cabinet to place something in? What do we notice? No matter what, every area tends to be occupied. Same in the parking lot or a cinema. We have always look for empty spaces to fill. Nature or the whole universe gives us tremendous examples, as well. One may ask what happens with the emptiness that we need to fill up to become spiritually enlightened? We may feel the void in our lives, and that is a deal-breaker for happiness. Like I said before, we try to fill the gap, but most of the time, we collect the wrong items. When we feel unhappy, we buy another phone or another car or look for another companion or have a drink. We got stuck in the physical reality so badly that we have forgotten that the spiritual sack cannot be fulfilled with materiality. It is a matter of the energy frequency that does not match the rate needed for the spiritual realm. It is like we want to receive a satellite transmission, but we use a regular tv antenna. What will come next? Well, we do not receive the right channel that has the game, so we become frustrated. The analogy may help us understand that the spiritual beings, and I mean us, must go back to spirituality to get enlightened. We cannot fulfill our engagement through physicality. The physical world is not intended for such a burden. Our life here is only a playground that may help us understand compassion, joy, and love through feelings.
How do we fill up the spiritual sack? We must tune ourselves to God’s frequency. We can do it through prayers, meditation, and ultimately we may understand God’s unconditional love.
Let us get fulfilled and stop being afraid of this illusion that we call reality.