Awakening Process – Disposal of Fear

Someone asked me how we can let go of the fear in the awakening process? The answer may take us walking in a circle, but the truth is that we have to do that to understand the process. First of all, we must realize a straightforward fact. We cannot enforce awakening by working hard with our minds. A mind is only a tool that we can use in the physical world and not in the spiritual one. In the awakening process, we must let go and connect to a different source than the physical one, and for that, the mind is useless. The more we think that we have to let go of fear and connect, the more anxious we become. The beauty of the awakening is that the fear goes away unforced, leaving room for a beautiful knowing of God and love.
How do we learn the basics? It is a mere step that we can achieve through meditation: learn to let go. When we start practicing meditation, we are told to let go of our thoughts. We are taught not to fight the thought and not argue with it. This technique, once acknowledged, will bring peace and contentment to us, but more than that, it will teach us that we can do the same with our lives. Little by little, we will understand the illusion that we live in, and we will come to realize that is nothing to be afraid of. That is the first sign of a beautiful journey called awakening. I hope that you understand now what I have called to walk in a circle.
I know, many of us, including myself, want to take a shortcut to awaken, but is not such thing, unless we die, moving to the spiritual realm. However, that approach will not help our evolution. We are here to learn, experience and evolve, and leaving prematurely, will do nothing as such. We came here with a plan, and we have to stick to it. If awakening happens within this life is great; if not, we have not to worry, we still have another chance through another life. God is always merciful and will let us try as many times as we want to.
My message is, “Do not be afraid! We are covered and cared for.”