The Common Knowledge of Us

We learn many things in school, and later in life, we refer to them as common knowledge. We talk about evolution, universe creation, biology, and so on. No matter if the knowledge is concrete or theory, we go for it.
What happened with other information that is as old as time? What happened with God and our souls descending from Heaven? Isn’t that common knowledge? Many of us say that we believe in that knowledge, but how many know it? It is a subtle difference between believing and knowing it. We do not know that because we are taught to reject it. If I go tomorrow and tell a priest that I was in Heaven and remember it, would he believe me? Priests are preaching about Heaven and our soul salvation, but many do not believe it themselves. What if I tell you that we have many lives and descend and ascend from Heaven as many times as we wish? When I say such a thing, I am told that it is my belief and not knowledge. To me is common knowledge, the same as for a scientist knowing that the Earth revolves around the Sun.
How many of us experienced previous lives and life between lives? How many remembered the previous lives that later say that they are dreams or imagination? I invite anyone to experience such beauty through a past life regression hypnosis session. Remembering all of it is part of our evolution. As a matter of fact, it is the first step toward enlightenment.
When did we grow so stupid that we decide to take away our origins from our consciousness? Let us go back to the moment of our conception and ask ourselves: where did I come from? The more we ask, the more we will remember. God is calling us, and when we decide to listen and hear Him, we already possess the common knowledge. How do I listen? Just like we already know, turn off the volume to everything else in life: the sound of the baseball game, or laud dancing music, or the noise of the cars in the city, or the noise of polluted news, and so on. Let us go in nature and listen to God’s voice: the wind blowing through the tree’s leaves, the song of a bird, or the quiet of the night. We do not need much training because we have been trained to hear God’s voice – the common knowledge of us.