New Year

We have witnessed the year 2020, and many believe it was a terrible year. However, that is because we have thaught to perceive events from one angle, which is fear. If we learn that happiness is not depending on events and people around us, we may better understand life. Fear is an induced feeling that we have been promoting for too long, and that must stop. I have said it so many times; we are not to be afraid of anything. We are here to learn, experience, and return home. If we keep that knowledge alive and remember and feel the love of God, we would enjoy life on Earth the way we suppose to. Who is to tell us the next year will be better? We, through perception and mind, can make it better or not. It is true; some influence us toward leaving in fear. But in the end, it is only us letting them.
Every year has its own meanings and teaching, and we are here just to learn from it. When we remember and practice love, nothing can do us any harm. That is a great concept that moves us to higher positive energy because, after all, everything is energy. We decide if we feed the darkness or the light. Our thoughts are the director of a movie that can be a drama or a comedy. Let us make it happy. Let all of us make the reality a Happy New Year.

God Bless