I want to be mister nobody, not somebody, not anybody, only nobody. How do I perceive that in spirituality?
I believe and respect a base rule that is common sense, a rule from God’s equality: “I am not better or worse than you, I just am.”
With that in mind, what is left? So much, I would say.
We are here to experience and learn from life on Earth. Who am I to say that my experience is better than yours? An experience is an experience; after all, only enjoyment from an experience can make us different. In my humble opinion, what is left is only love and compassion for my fellow being, any human being, or other beings we interact with. And we have to look a bit at this word: being. That means to be in existence. What would make my being more important than an animal or a plant? We inflate our egos and create rules and laws that permit us to destroy any being we want. We kill animals, we destroy nature, and we call ourselves superior. And we are superior: in destruction. Well, I do not want me or anyone to be superior; I just want me and everyone else to be nobody. That word has another spiritual meaning. We are not the body; we are the soul that inherits the body, so realizing it is the best way to evolve, We must be nobody.
But wait, society teaches us to be somebody, be recognized by others, and leave our footprint deep marked into the ground. Well, that is the way to destroy any connection to home, the spiritual place that has created our adventure and sends us to Earth. We are instructed to root into physicality because our leaders are already lost. They created their own reality, and they want to change ours to theirs. Money, sex, greed, and all other creations are propagated like a virus through all channels. It is the time and always was the time to think and create our own truth, the absolute one, where being a nobody who helps others, and has love and compassion for fellow beings. That is the nobody I want to be.

God Bless.