Fulfillment: A Journey Through a Spiritual Life

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Fulfillment is a book for your soul.
We have a feeling that something is missing. We look back, we look forward, and we cannot say what it is, but we know we must find something that will bring us peace. Many of us are engaging in a journey that we can compare with “The Golden Rush.” We do not look for gold, we look for happiness, but soon we realize that happiness is not something that we can find but instead we can achieve. What is it? What we are looking for is called fulfillment, a journey through a spiritual life.
All that is in this book is a vision of God. When we write or create in general, we may say that we have a vision, but it is not necessarily our vision. God holds the most magnificent library of all, the infinite. Here on Earth when we invent or write a book or a play, we only access an infinitesimal part of that library. This book does not make an exception. We must remember and agree with the love of God, and then we are granted access. In fact, we have always had access to the source, but we refuse to connect. It is time for everyone to realize that we can establish and uphold the “God connection.”
Writing a book is a difficult task, especially when writing in your second language. I have had my doubts about tackling this project since I did not speak or write in English until I was twenty-seven years old. While browsing a few best-seller books, I noticed the writing was sophisticated and polished. Can I ever write like that? I wondered.
Then God spoke to me: “Jesus uses simple words, yet so powerful; this is the power of God.” My writing does not have to be complicated; I’ll leave that to lawyers and bankers, many of whom try to confuse, deceive, and move us away from the truth because they are servants of plutocrats.
God talks to us directly, and He does not even need words. He always communicates with us through thoughts, feelings, and events. He gave us inspiration and imagination to remember the truth. We must sit quietly, listen, and follow Him. We will get knowledge, peace, and love through His ultimate truth.
We may agree that we must live in the present and that inner peace gives us happiness, but this is only the first step of awareness. We must know that we can achieve such a state. God shares with everyone who wants to listen. He does not force or restrict us in any way. We have free will. We choose to be enslaved or liberated. It is all up to us and only us.