The New Earth

Many of you may have heard about the New Earth, which supposably is a better version in a higher dimension. People may synchronize with the higher energy and move with the New Earth. This may sound like a fantastic theory, but I have the first-hand experience during a hypnosis session as a client. I am currently working on my new book, “A Soul’s Journey, ” which presents in simple words a whole beautiful experience that I have lived during multiple lifetimes. Many may be familiar with the QHHT hypnosis technique, where we have the chance to communicate directly with Higher-Self and ask questions. One of the questions brought in the idea of the New Earth. The feeling that I have lived during the session was that New Earth is already here and is evolving in the same space for now but in a different dimension. I will bring many details in my book that I hope to release sometime this summer, but I would like to explain some of the insights for now. First of all, this virus is part of it. It does not matter how the virus came into existence, either as a product or as a natural occurrence; what is important is that we live this experience differently. Some of us are terrified, some are ignorant and arrogant, and some are not afraid at all and live our lives in peace and love. Well, that is the energy that we have to create to stay with the New Earth. The separation is already started, and I believe it is a cycle that happened many times before. This experience is beautiful, and fear cannot be present at all in this world. I have been told that I live in my own world, and I am not connected to this reality, and I have to agree to it. The New Earth reality resembles Heaven, where love, compassion, and happiness coexist, and worries cannot be present. It is a world of knowing without needing to prove it to others; it is a world closer to God. The most beautiful part is that we need to be willing to step through that door. It may seem dangerous to leave behind materiality and density, but it is the only way to evolve.
Can anyone of us be part of that world? The answer is always yes, including even the richest people and leaders who believe they control, where in fact they do nothing but detach themselves from the source, from God. Doing so, they try to push everyone to forget our mighty Home and make us believe that it is nothing else but this three-dimensional reality, where in fact, this reality is one of many, and it is meant to be left behind. Good people, please do not fall for those tricks; look into your hearts and remember who we are. We are beautiful souls in the ocean of God. We want everyone to advance to a new spiritual level and step into a new world, the New Earth.