The Conscious Choice

What does it mean to have an open mind? Well, that is the first step in the awakening process. Let us take it step by step in the physical world at first. We are connected to many possibilities, many realities, and by having a closed mind, we ignore most of them. We can move and change places; we can take one path or another, we can choose every day from all of the alternatives present in our life. We can focus on our end goal and purpose, or simply we can say none of those are possible. It is up to us, and we at fault if we refuse the CHOICE.
The other day I was doing groceries, and I met a nice lady serving at the counter.
I have realized that she was standing with difficulties holding onto a cane. I felt her pain, and I asked her what happened to her leg. She said it was not her leg but her heart. She had a medical condition that apparently was not curable, or that was what the doctor said. In this new world, we are taught to believe what is and what is not possible. Once that we believe and stick to that choice, we cannot follow a different path. I really felt sorry for that lady because I have a habit of putting myself in the other person’s shoes. It is the way we should be since we are all one; we are bound to each other through love and compassion. I tried to emphasize and explain that we are powerful beings, and I suggested alternative solutions, like hypnosis. She was polite but somehow irritated by my point. As an immediate response, she said she would stick to the doctors and medicine. I felt a little bit of anger, and it was something sad. Again trying to be in her shoes, I understood, and I stopped. I wished her health and left her with only one unspoken wish: to open her mind.
Even if we are not using all our mighty power, we can switch to another reality with an open mind, and why not cure ourselves. There are so many people doing so. Jesus told us too: “Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” That was his beautiful way to tell us repeatedly that we are so much more powerful than we believe to be. We are the sons of God.
Once we open our minds, we continue to work with our energy and connect ourselves to an infinite source and another world, the spiritual one. We open our hearts, and one by one, all chakras will follow.
We are meant to do so, but somehow we forgot. There is no time restriction to start doing so. There is no impossibility to follow this path if we are willing to. My wish is for us to rediscover our powers and move together to a new level of consciousness. Open your mind, and your heart and heaven will reveal right here, right now.