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Time to Wake Up

If we go in the wrong direction, we cannot reach our destination. We all have our purpose and our goals, and we use to dream from an early age. It is not easy here on Earth being a human in these confusing times, but we have signed for it. With good and evil, we have to accomplish our missions. However, we cannot be ignorant because ignorance could be our downfall. We do not have to be scared, and we must express our opinions, even they are not in line with the trend. I have been living in a communist country for twenty years, and my experience tells me the world is going in the same direction, but my God, not one or two countries but the whole wide world. We are told what to say and how to say it or what to think, and fear is crawling into people, just like in a totalitarian communist country or like in medieval times in the catholic church. People, awake and listen to your hearts, listen to God, and live in peace in spirituality.
In one of the articles, I found out that a private school in Manhattan forbids words like mom and dad, husband and wife, or even Merry Christmas.
It is not just about the fact that family or spiritual principles are being suppressed, but we are being pushed around in fear. Do not listen to my words if you do not want to, but listen to your common sense, listen to your heart, listen to God. We must love each other no matter what and not fear each other. It is time to promote love; it is time to wake up and connect to God and spirituality. It is up to all of us where do we want to go.

God bless