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Money, Another Discussion

Many of us are made to believe that money is evil. For example, we hear that Jesus did not work with money, and as a belief, we decide the money is terrible. However, we are not Jesus, at least not yet, and the society we live in is a lot different. We awake and follow spirituality, but not all of us are living isolated in the mountains or have a monk’s life. Once awaken, we need to spread the word and represent God in a better way than before. But we are still here in the city with a family and eventually with Karma to pay. So, we may have no other choice but to be plugged partially into society.
Someone said that people asked him for money in return for spiritual services. How is that spiritual?
If we have been asked for a lot of money for any spiritual service, that would be a red flag. On the other hand, we do not want to go to Tibet to get a free service; we wanted right here in the city. Well, spiritual people living in the city may need to pay rent or gather food for their families. Isn’t that unfair to consider that any spiritual service be for free, and eventually, all spiritual people live in misery because they are happy anyway? Well, would you get a service from a spiritual homeless man? Money is not good nor bad. It is a tool that can be used graciously for services in between people. When we become dependent on money and worship them, that would be a problem. Spiritual people put all their energy into passing the message, but they may also have Karma to pay, having families and all. So, it is not that simple.
On the other hand, we pay to the psychiatrists just laying down on a couch and listening to them, and that is okay. So, again, do not think of money as evil; they are evil in the hands of evil. Spiritual people may use some for their immediate needs and donate others to save the kids, for instance. Would that be evil?
I had been met with some form of ignorance when I promoted my book as well. I advertise it for free for few days and still got those reactions that I am good for nothing trying to sell spirituality. I do not get offended because we should respect everyone’s opinion, but again, I have invested so much time and money to write and publish my book just to spread the word. I will be doing it still with my next book and with this blog, and I thank God I do not need the money from it, but at some point, when I would like to dedicate my whole time to spiritual teaching, I may need some form of reimbursement. I know God will always help me, so I am not worried; I am only concerned for angry, ignorant people who are closed-minded. I pray for humanity every day and hope with all my heart that we are not doomed, or better said, we will not condemn ourselves.
God bless