Human Intervention

Like everything else in this reality, the mind is a dualistic concept that we care about us for our whole life. We use our minds to create as well as to destroy. If I were to invent a source that provides energy for free, many would say it is fantastic and will solve humanity’s problems. But, on the other hand, there always will be someone that will use that force for destruction. The most interesting is that we can choose what we can do with our minds. We want free will, and we got it. What we do next is up to us. But wait, I have to interact with others; I have to live within a society that I disagree with; what do I do? Well, we can stick to our principles and be strong, or we move with the crowd, but we are susceptible to bring bad karma to ourselves. Yes, it may look that it is easier to change the point of view based on what leaders or governments are imposing onto us, but then we may ask at the end of our lives: why did we live? Coming here on Earth and living in a dense reality, we knew it would not be easy, and we agreed to the harsh environment, but can we stick to our truth? Do we lose our identity if we give up any belief or any vital principle we are following? I bet we do. We must stop following blindly and look inside, have a self-analysis and introspection, and only then will we awake.
I have lived in a communist country for twenty years, and I tell you, the same concept is now propagating worldwide. Empty words and slogans are becoming more potent than the talent of Mark Twain or the geniality of Nicola Tesla. We have regressed to small “street fights” and stupid televised shows where lost people preach to us. I have mentioned lost people, and I wanted to clarify who they are. I call lost people the ones who refuse to connect with the source and find the power of love from God, people who worship money and physical pleasure, and more than that, try to put the doubt in our hearts. If you agree with me, please share the message and help to evade the matrix. We are our saviors at this point. Let us save ourselves.