The Masquerade

Do you recall seeing in the movies or reading books about the old rich society wearing masks at all those parties? Those parties were called the masquerade balls.

According to Wikipedia: Masquerade balls were extended into costumed public festivities in Italy during the 16th century Renaissance (Italian maschera). They were generally elaborate dances held for members of the upper classes and were particularly popular in Venice.

The mask I would be wearing could have shown an angry face, a happy face, or a scarred face. The whole idea is that I could have been in disguise. Well, the current events remind me of such parties. We all were masks voluntarily now and hid our faces from the others. By doing so, we dismiss our human nature and become singular beings accompanied by our best friend, the cell phone. I have always wondered, what would I see on people’s faces if the masks were taken off? I know our leaders will show fear and hate and the same low energy they want to propagate into us. They lost the touch of God, they forgot to love, and now they instigate us to become like them. Please, do not submit to it. Please do not become hateful that your neighbor is not vaccinated; please do not become fearful that a new variant of covid is launched on the market. Those are intimidation tactics. Please do not forget the love of God because that is the only way that we can survive and save our souls. Violence will bring more violence, and fear will put doubt in your heart. Be compassionate with your fellow humans, send love, and do not be afraid. That is the way we can fight this masquerade.