Someone posted a question about covid vaccination, asking people about their intuition regarding that. Of course, one may be curious and interested in such opinion, but I must tell you from the beginning, the decision is always yours.

My humble opinion is that I would be rather a skeptic of people’s intuition, not because intuition is not good. In fact, our intuition is great, but people are confused sometimes. When watching tv news 24/7, our intuition is downgraded, and what we believe is intuition, is merely vigorous brainwashing. The primary reaction to bad news and panic is fear. When in fear, people will lose their common sense, intuition, or connection with the source. My intuition is telling me that I should stop watching those fearful news. I traveled a lot during the last two years because I needed to see my family and recharge. I did not get any virus of any kind. My intuition tells me that a fearful mind will make us sick; that is all I can say. Do not forget, our minds and our thoughts create reality. That is the reason some people are happy, and some are not.

How can we strengthen our intuition? It is all about pollution of the mind. One thing we can start with is meditation. Intuition is nothing else but a result of communication with the source, without any interference. And believe me, repetitive frightful news are more than parasites, are blockers to start such communication. We are addicted to TV and other media channels, and that addiction may cost us all. Fear is the daily approach that is imposed on us. Most of the time, we go and try to get information, it is fear-related; fear of the virus, fear of the unknown future, and ultimately fear of death. Yes, non-spiritual people are afraid of death because they refuse intuition knowledge. And our leaders are taking full advantage of such fear. It is looking that we move in circles, but the only thing we must do is not submit to fear. Live your life and do not fear it. That will transform your perspective, and it will bring happiness and joy.