The Missing Piece

We have noticed within the last few years a global acceleration of a dangerous trend: physicality.
Every so-called good movie is based on people and emotions.
News is based on what is happening in the physical realm. Even spiritual leaders start involving in politics, and we see their faces on news magazines or TV. The pope, for instance, brought the concept that we are all brothers, and his speeches kept going about humanity. Even we understand that is a beautiful concept, we also know that he talks less and less about God.
We have started playing this dangerous game promoted by some people who are lost, and they believe they do not need God in our lives. But those who promote such things are clever and bring a fake message of unity, where their end goal is far from it. The ones who forget God will be inevitably lost in the game of the devil. And that is what is happening right now.
Let us go to the eastern culture, of the monks and meditation. Meditation comes into western culture as what? A tool to prevent depression or anxiety. That is not the purpose of meditation. Those mentioned above are only side effects of mediation. Meditation is the tool that helps us reconnect with the source, with God. It looks that everything is made with one scope only: to forget and ultimately negate God.
One may ask why? The answer comes only when you ask your heart. Only when love and compassion surge, we find the missing piece that holds us back: God. And when we find him, we know the answer to the why question. One thing is for sure, the more we live with the illusion that we are limited singular physical beings, the more we deny ourselves from the truth. And that is why evil tries really hard to confuse us and deepen us into that illusion.