jesus christ statue

The Disappointment of Christmas

Every year we cannot wait for the Christmas celebration. It is the time of the year when we party and receive gifts. Little by little, sick money-driven society tries too hard to make us forget what Christmas is. And, I would say, very successful. You cannot hear anyone anymore celebrating the birth of Jesus, the Christ re-born consciousness that brings us back with God. Through so-called magic, movies are made to discover and re-discover Santa Claus and the elves. Children are thought to believe in the magic of Santa, some fat old man that distributes gifts all over the world. At some point, I do not even consider this madness is unintentional. It is a calculated move to take out the faith in God and replace it with the belief in the material world, as the singular world that exists. And most of us fall for it. We fall in disgrace once we try hard to ignore God and pretend he does not exist. The fear is crawling in, and we become spiritually isolated. When fear takes over us, we are paralyzed and cannot clearly see anything. Every single advertisement promoted over the glorified media becomes a danger that makes us believe that our only existence will cease to exist. We become afraid of a virus, losing a job, and not having money to pay the bills or buy food. Everything around us becomes a nightmare that we live in during the day.
Let us return to Jesus. Let us recall how he lived his life and what he taught us. First, Jesus was not afraid, not even in front of eminent death. He was not afraid of all the sickness around him, and he cured people. He told us that we are here on Earth on a temporary vacation, and the spiritual realm of Heaven awaits us. His teaching was about love that is nothing but the opposite of fear, yet we like to live in fear and anger.
Please, beautiful souls, remember what Christmas is and connect with God. Remember where home is and who we are. Remember that with unity and love, we are indestructible. At this time, we need it more than anything. Some negative force that believes can go against God, propagate through the people that we call leaders, and try hard, as I said to detach us from the source, from God. We cannot let that happen. Use common sense, use love and compassion, and we will all be saved.
Christ was born, and we celebrated it a few days ago, let us all be Christ and let our consciousness unite with God. A spiritual revolution must take place to move to the higher dimension of humanity. Let us be part of it since we have nothing to lose and all to gain.
Every year on Christmas day, let us promise to remember what the meaning is and tell at least one person and our children what that is. That way, we can keep the spiritual flame alive.

God Bless! Happy Birthday, and thank you, Jesus.