Spiritual Role

We often get the concept that we are not at fault for anything that happens around us. We grasp the idea that other individuals are responsible, and until they do not correct themselves, nothing can be changed. That is the mistake that we all have made at some point, but lately, with a global movement happening, we get that feeling more and more. Why do we buy into that idea? Well, it is simple. We know that we are all at fault, but we try hard to deny it to make sure we can move forward with a clean conscience. But is it clean after all?
How often have we heard “I am too insignificant to make a difference”? That is what that a sick society wants us to believe. If we buy into it, the change we want will never happen.
There are no secondary roles in the play of God. Every one of us is the main character of our life. Isn’t that a big enough role? We must learn that our actions will reflect in the global consciousness. Why do we need to wait for someone to save us? Why do we believe that we do nothing, and Jesus will come and do some miracles and save us? We cannot be saved if we do not want to. All we have to do is follow the path of love and compassion and help each other. That would be the ultimate Jesus’ miracle that saves us.
If we start blaming others and become angry and frustrated, we have lost the war. Yes, it is a war of good versus evil, but not a physical one. It is at the level of our consciousness. And we must see it and move toward the light. Every good deed that we do will reflect in the word, same as an evil deed.
Many of us say that we are in the dark, but we forgot the light at some point, and that blinded us, stopping us from seeing that we are in the dark.
Darkness has many forms, but it is always darkness. When we live in fear, we are in the dark; when we are always angry, we are in the dark; when we practice violence, we are in the dark. Our souls must be liberated before physical liberation. That is all we need: A spiritual revolution. I said it many times and still believe it will happen. There is no other way.
Let us keep in mind that our roles have all the same importance and the position in society has nothing to do with it. We are what we do and think, not what job or money we have.