Mental Projection

A question sticks to my mind, and I used to bring it up all the time when I would like to bring more insights about day-to-day life: why a person is happier than another yet living in the same environment and using the same resources. Is there a discovery that tells us we live under an illusion? The easiest way to explain is to look into mental projection. Same as a projector displaying moving images, and we become fascinated and live that story that is being projected, our minds cast our own realities. We can become depressed, anxious, and angry just by using thoughts when we should always be happy and content. Some of us transcend the truth and obtain inner peace, a state of mind and heart that keep us in balance and coherence. How is that possible, one may ask? Are we not affected by the change, events, or people around us? Well, if we get to the point that we are affected by the environment, our moments of happiness will be short or inexistent. And more than that, such moments do not represent true happiness but rather addiction to the surrounding. All of us will find the truth that sets us free. We used to hear it so many times, but we may take the time to understand it: the truth will set me free! Physical freedom is essential, but it cannot suppress spiritual freedom. Spirituality will bring us all the tools needed to experience freedom. What kind of freedom is that? Spiritual people are free of fear, hate, and anger and free to love unconditionally. By following the spiritual path, we project the reality that we really want, and in that sense, we can say we live in a different dimension, a higher one. We understand life and death without scientific explanations, and as a result, we embrace death as part of life and as a means to return home. If we believe in after-life, and we do not cease to exist after death, there is nothing that can project fear. At this point, we should understand how the truth sets us free. When is no fear, we are left with only love, the purest energy that can lift us to new dimensions of realities. That is the ultimate projection goal of our minds.