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How Did I Do?

All of us, without exception, will analyze our life when the time comes to move back to the spiritual realm. We have to put everything in balance and counterpart negative and positive points and come out with a result. How did we do? What can we do from there? What were our mistakes? Well, until then, we can focus on today, on now. How did I do today? Did I help anyone? Was I arrogant or selfish?
Once we look into ourselves and measure our performance regularly, we may come out with a better outcome. If we perform poorly, we may look to move from wrongness to goodness. If we are good by the end of the day, we may look to the next step of moving from goodness to greatness. The beauty of it is we do not force ourselves to do good because that feature is built-in. When we open our hearts, immense satisfaction and happiness will come from helping others without wanting anything in return.
But what happens if we fall into wrongness on a regular basis? How can we correct that? If there is willingness, there are also spiritual solutions. The most critical step in our transition is the removal of our egos. Once we have no ego, we need no more to be arrogant, selfish, or infatuated. All actions of other people are not to provoke any unbalance because we come to understand that an insult is not ours to acknowledge but to the one who imposes it onto us. Words have no meaning after all, and as spiritual beings, we will prevail over them.
Every negative energy will not affect us because we are protected. That is the point where everyone must get to. Little by little, forgiveness, acceptance, and love will be our only prerequisites in our lives. We may end up just like Jesus, asking God to forgive others for the wrongs that they have done. That will be genuine progress in our evolution.
Until then, let me ask: How did you do today? I encourage you to ask yourself that question every time before going to bed, not to create guilt, but to learn to forgive and correct yourself and move forward.
When the time comes, I would love to hear a chorus of “we lived in greatness.”