The Magical World

We all know that children live in a magical world. Yes, they believe in magic, and they know everything is possible. It is like an ability that we lose when we become grown-ups. Why is it lost? Because as adults, we “know” there is no magic in the world. We move from believing everything is magical to there is no magic. And God, that costs us so much. Our thoughts are always focused on material that we forget that is the nonmaterial that creates the reality.
And it is funny when we say we have faith, we believe in God and in the afterlife, when in fact, most of us do not have such a belief.
And to come to that understanding, I will bring into the picture the fear. If we believe that we have only an experience here, why would we be afraid of leaving this place? Why would we be afraid of death? Fear does not have a place in us if we live with the love of God.
Again, as children, we learn to be afraid, of our parents, society, from school, and such teaching only destroys our true purpose.
Imagine a world without fear, a world with only love and compassion. That is a magical world, isn’t it? Again, we learn that it is a utopic world, and such a world cannot exist. We obliterate the magic before it begins to manifest. And that is our fault and no one else. I happened to have a discussion with a relative, and she firmly believed that she was not at fault for the current world manifestation. I suggested that we are at fault, not just our leaders, for wars, injustice, and destruction. We are all consuming resources for our immediate pleasure; we put our thoughts and beliefs into a society that cannot continue without repercussions and do not want to change it. We disagree with our leaders, but we move with the flow and do not want to change anything, hoping that we can continue living a convenient lie. And yet we try to convince ourselves that we are not at fault because we cannot live with the guilt. What do we do? We continue to negate the magic; we continue to deny God. Let us return to the life of happiness and joy that we have lived as kids. Let us stop hurting others and ourselves and look for forgiveness and acceptance. It is so simple, such a concept, yet we cannot agree with it.
From now on, let us focus our thoughts on happiness and peace. Every day we should wake up with a thank you to God and end it in prayers with love and peace for our world. If we all do that, the magic will return.