Where Does Our Souls Go When We Die?

This question is the oldest in our existential book. I will try to be gentle and not influence the audience, but I also will try to give pros and cons arguments. Many say that once we die in this physical world, we cease to exist. Others maintain the faith that we continue after death. Who is right, and who is wrong? The non-believers say that nobody returned from death, so it is clear that there is no more life after the one on Earth. But is that so? Let us talk about the near-death experience, also called NDE. There are so many cases when people died and returned to our world. More than that, some returned, and their sickness was completely gone. And there are many, many cases. When search up over the internet or reading books, you may be surprised.

Still, the non-believers refuse to accept it since it did not happen to them. One particular case that happened to a priest’s son was highly mediated, and there was a movie and a book called “Heaven is for real.”

This is a beautiful story that brings us knowledge about Heaven and after-life.
If we are stuck in our belief or non-belief, it is challenging to have an open mind. We must look way beyond our physical senses and the material realm. We must break our fundamental understanding of life, the one brought to us by society, friends, and family. How do we do that? We have to establish a connection with God, the source, and then the magic will happen. There are techniques we can follow, like meditation and hypnosis. There is only a couple of ingredients to our success: willingness and faith. Once we have those two, there is nothing in our ways.
If you read this article, I strongly believe you are ready. Ready to find yourself and your origin. For anyone interested in Past Life Hypnosis, I recommend QHHT, a great way to claim your identity and purpose.

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I hope you will embark on this beautiful journey of the soul.

God bless!