silhouette photo of monk holding umbrella

Am I a Spiritual Person?

The other day, I was talking with a colleague, and she asked me what I do for fun, while she found out I do not have cable tv in my house. From one discussion to another, we came to talk about spirituality. At that point, she said she was not a spiritual person. I would ask myself, what is to be spiritual? Many times, people are confused between being religious versus spiritual. “I am not going to church,” one may say, “so I am not a spiritual person.”
Anyway, I have asked her a simple question. Do you believe that there is life after physical death? She, without hesitation, said yes. “Well, then you are a spiritual person,” I told her. At one level or another, I could say most people are spiritual. Is that how deep we are willing to dig, to ascend to different levels of spirituality. No matter what, we are all the same from that perspective. We came into this life from a spiritual world with expectations to learn and achieve our goals. It is just that we often forget our plans and sever our connection with the source. The less we are connected, the less we remember. To understand such a concept, we always have the possibility to examine and compare the physical world with the spiritual one because, yes, the physical world is a copy of the spiritual one. Not an identical copy, but a model that we can use for our remembrance and understanding of where we came from.
Imagine that we use the famous Internet. We connect to a different source than we have on our computer and find out about many things and places, for instance. We see countries that we have never visited, or we collect information and knowledge that has been accumulated over hundreds of years. What happens when we lose our internet connection, besides that some of us go crazy? We are less connected with the world. We have less information, and we may not progress at the same pace.
The same is happening when we refuse to connect with the spiritual world, with God’s source of knowledge. We maintain the ability to remember, but we do not stay current and may alter our state of mind.
One may ask, how do we lose touch with the spiritual world? To understand that statement, we must think of the physical and spiritual worlds as two different radio stations or two different frequencies. The physical frequency is directly connected with our minds, while the spiritual connection is connected to our spirit, the manifestation of our souls. So, when we keep thinking of what I am going to do next or wondering every minute about what is going to happen or what we did wrong in the past, we use our logical brain, our precious mind that can quickly force us to stay tuned on Radio-3D. When we do so, we pollute and restrict our souls, and it is less probable that we connect with Radio-Spirit. God is helping us even so with the invention of dreams. Yes, dreams are, for the most part, the result of our logical brains being shut down overnight. And what do we do with our dreams: we discard them as part of our imagination or as a result of our activities during the day.
I would say we should never discard our dreams because, in many cases are messages from the spiritual world. And as an understanding, we connect with God when we shut down our chit-chat guy from our heads. So, then it is easy. We must stop worrying; we must stop planning in our head and talk to ourselves all the time because that prevents us from switching frequencies.
When my daughter was little, I have asked her: do you speak to yourself in your head? As I was expecting, she said very rarely, so this behavior is not built-in but is a product of our society and surrounding.
That is why mediation, contemplation, or any form of visualization that lets go of your playful mind, helps us to quiet down. Just now, can we imagine us sitting on a bench and not thinking about anything? For some, it is hard to guess, but I can assure you that anyone could do it with some training. And when we get there, we get the spiritual knowledge that we receive and do not doubt it. We get pure faith. And when is no doubt, there is no fear, the most dangerous emotion that keeps us here, in the physical realm.
Does connection to the source makes me more spiritual? Well, we should know there is no such term. We are spiritual, no more or less than another being, but our choice produces advancement into a new spiritual level, just like Jesus did and told us we could do the same.
So, if someone asks you if you are spiritual, do you know what to say? Because I do, and I love being so. We only have to remember that our physical experience is just an experience we want, nothing more, nothing less.