Interdimensional Beings

Where is your soul located? Is it in your body? What is a soul exactly? Those questions may puzzle many minds and all kinds of trying to get the ultimate answer. The easiest way is to be a non-believer and say the soul does not exist. Simple, isn’t it? Then we have no more questions, no more guilt, and no more responsibilities for doing good in our lives.
The truth has more complexity in it, and we are, in fact, interdimensional beings. We live multiple realities at the same time. We are the soul and the body, and every one of those entities occupies and experiences its existence. In the physical plane, we share Earth and the physical universe; in the spiritual plane, we are the eternal soul always connected with the source. That is why we have dreams, for instance: we connect with the source to clean up the dense energies that we interact with every day. However, our core is and always will be a spiritual one. As we die in the physical realm, we are immortal in the spiritual one.
The awakening of spirituality is the key to finding ourselves and living a purposeful and peaceful life. When we realize that we live as interdimensional beings, we free ourselves from the self-enslavement that we impose on ourselves.
Then one may ask, are we here and in the spiritual realm simultaneously? Well, that is the question that comes from the limited concept of time, as we are firmly rooted in the three-dimensional world. I would say, yes, we exist in both worlds, and the adventure here on Earth is only a journey that we agreed to take. And more than that, we live multiple lives that could be in different densities or dimensions. You may be familiar with the concept of past lives, but that is because, again, we refer to time. In fact, all our lives are adventures that we experience from a higher perspective, and the past or future may have no meaning there.
To make it simple, in the physical world, we have a stack of books that we read one by one, while in the spiritual one, we have a library where we can read any book without having to read the one on top first. That is the best analogy I love to make when trying to eliminate the illusion of time. I wish everyone the true self to awaken and free us from that illusion, the illusion that we live a physical life and nothing else, the illusion that we are singular entities, the illusion that we are not with God; overall, the illusion of amnesiac soul.