A Teacher

Yogi Bhajan said: “Never die a student, die a teacher.

As long as that is a great philosophy, we must not get drunk on knowledge. A true seeker always understands that there is much more that we do not know than we do.
The more we learn and connect with the source, the more we realize that we know so little. So, yes, at some point, we must teach and share our knowledge, but at the same time, we should always continue learning. And this statement is valid in any area, including spirituality. Many of us move on the spiritual ladder step by step, but when we look up, we see so many steps that we do not know the end. And that is literally so. The spiritual ladder is an infinite stream of knowledge, we graduate from one level to another, but we still have many teachings to achieve. And here on Earth, we are at the beginning. Our souls may be old and knowledgeable, but when we descend here, we leave that behind and start from scratch. It is not easy to have amnesia, but it is so damn entertaining. We get to discover and recover ourselves, and if we let go and agree with our situation, we may become once again enlightened. And we learn from experience, which is the best way to learn and not forget.
Everyone may choose the experience they want, but the goal is the same: move to the next level and be closer to God. And when I say closer to God, it is not that we are not with God, but we become more like him.
We become compassionate and selfless and let love guides us. We become one with all that is, and we serve. That is what God does.