Dreaming Your Dream

With all the media channels, we become obsessed with what others do. We watch channels, podcasts, or anyone’s profile that matches our dreams.
One of the most popular ways of people to make money is to create a channel and travel the world. They get paid by advertising companies, and people get crazy about following and watching those individuals.
It is strange how people waste time reading or watching these videos and praising the channel’s owners. But yet, it happens.
Someone lives our dreams, and we look at them and dream them again. That is what I call dreaming my dream. But why is that happening? Why are we so destructive of ourselves?
Well, there can be only one answer. We are masochists. Who stops us from living the dream? As simple as it is, the answer is not believed: we are the ones killing our dreams. We are the ones wanting to play safe, and as a consequence, we misplaced our identity. We envy the people who get out of the system, but we refuse even to try.
To maintain our status quo, we use the most idiotic form of restraint: excuses. Every single moment when the heart desire to satisfy the soul, the mind gets in the way and finds an excuse. And the mind can get so creative with those excuses that, at some point, in effortless. We become a product enslaved by our minds. We cannot detach from any material form promoted by the system, and as a result, we become the system. At some point, we tell people around us what they should do and how to act to get in line. We become no more than tools of a system that is supposed to be a guide and not an inquisitor. And then we dream by watching others who decided to enjoy their adventures.
We must engage within our life and enjoy the great adventure that we have signed up for. There is always music, but we refuse to dance. We quietly sit in the corner and watch others dancing their guts out. And we dream of being like them. Well, we are like them; we refuse the gift of life. What if, instead of wasting our time with banal stories over the internet, we should just go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature or engage with friends and family in activities away from electronics? Would that not be a good thing? Would that not be the start of living our lives?
I firmly believe that is the true purpose of our existence. Experience and enjoy life, with good and bad. But being always in a dream, we become soulless objects walking on a road that goes nowhere.
Let us stop dreaming the dream and instead walk the dream. That would be our most outstanding achievement.