Fear Submission

Let us face it. We live in a society that submits to fear. And as a simple example, I will ask anyone to find someone angry that screams and push people around. Easy in New York City, right?
I had this experience once. There was a big guy at the subway who did insult everyone on the train—pushing people saying that it is not enough room for him. So, some voices tried to calm him down—not yelling but not being nice.
Well, this guy will not stop. Even there were bigger guys on the train. However, next stop, a short guy came in wearing the orange subway stuff. A worker at the subway asked in a stern voice: “What is the problem here.” At that point, the angry man stopped and said he was fine; even more, he got out without a word.
That is a classic example that people are scared of authorities and submit to nothing but fear. And this rule applies to everything in our life. “Do what I say or else.” We use that with children, family, friends, or colleagues. We continue with the crap that a sick society pushes through media channels.
Why is that, one may ask? Why and when did we get here? We fear everything, from losing our lifestyle to fearing death.
There is a long history that is impregnated in our genes. The history of fear. Fear of the king, fear of the emperor, fear of the church, and so on.
It must be only one answer. With fear, it is easier to control people, one may say. But that is not true. The reason that fear is used as an instrument of control is that our leaders fear themselves. Our leaders fear losing what they have because they have lost faith, and materiality is all they know. They forgot, or they never learned to lead through love. They heard of Jesus, but they did not care.
Did you ever notice that in the past, politicians pretended to be religious? Why? Because that was the trend. And they follow the movement to stay in power.
Now they pretend to be humanists and accept everyone as they are. Because this is a new trend, tath we created and accepted it.
Brothers, we are going in the wrong direction that goes to the reset. Without love, there is nothing. Do not forget to love, and do not forget to show love to everyone and everything. Remember, fear is nothing but fear of love.