A Simple Question

Somebody asked: How do I tell my religious family I don’t believe in God?

I love giving answers and reading the answers to such questions. In short, you must tell them how you feel. However, I found out it is not a good idea to argue and get into debates.
The thing is that lately, on the internet I see more and more answers coming from very religious people or very convinced atheists. There is no middle ground.

As a spiritual guide I may jump in and try to convince this soul that we all should believe in God, but then I will fall in the above category. I learn that a guidance is always great, but convincing or forcing anyone is terrible wrong. Everyone must convince him/herself what path to take.

To broaden my response, I will try to give you an insight into my journey.
Growing up in Romania, I was an atheist myself since schools in communist countries indoctrinated us into communism and physicality and tried to keep us away from the spiritual.
I found that it is just the same as forcing people to believe in their religions.
The bottom line is that forcing anyone into a belief or non-belief is the worst thing we have to overcome. I believe answers should come from us asking and receiving responses, from within, without any influence. With the explosion of the internet and media channels, it is challenging but not impossible. What I did was I gave up most channels and kept only Quora, which allows me to answer questions without being in a group of any kind. With that said, please ask yourself any question and answer it right away, trying to get the first thing that comes into your mind. Of course, our minds are also polluted, so I would also suggest before engaging in a journey of any kind, try meditation. It helped me tremendously to train and clear up my mind.
In the end, we may realize that the most we need to overcome are our fears. Getting rid of fear will help us to follow our paths and find all the answers and find the truth, the personal truth because that is the ultimate truth that sets us free. A human that leaves with no fear is enlightened. It does not matter if you become or stay an atheist or follow the spiritual path. The only thing that matters is to live your life without fear and in harmony with the environment, people, and nature. That means to be friendly with fellow humans, to have compassion for all living beings, and to find a balance that brings happiness, peace, and joy.
Returning to our question, you must remove the fear I talked about. In this case is the fear of rejection by family and friends. If there is love, people will accept anyone’s belief or decision without judgment and incrimination.