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Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen

Have you heard that expression? “Many are called, few are chosen.” I felt that I needed to write about it because I see it more often over the Internet these days. It is a religious expression that lets us know we may not be worthy of being chosen. The thing is, who chooses us? Is it God, Jesus, Mohamed, or Budha? This is why I want to explain what is wrong with this phrase. Do not despair that you are not chosen because this is not a basketball game. To make it clear and cut to the end, nobody chooses us but ourselves.
Imagine that you suddenly want to follow a spiritual path, and all your life, you are a decent human being. We all made mistakes, but that does not mean we cannot select ourselves for the club. And what club may that be? Well, the God’s supporters club. At any time in this life, we can awake, shake hard, and move on. It is up to us what we want to do with our lives. We can be compassionate, we can be in service and help others, and we can be with God. Do we need to be chosen for it? I do not think so. Remember that we are all the same, all one in that regard, and as a consequence, we can do what others do, either good or evil. There is no one to stop us from choosing. So, I would say: Do not let anyone downgrade you because nobody has that kind of power. The only power someone has over us is the power of deception, which is what evil people do. Lies repeated a thousand times may seem to be true, but they will never be. They can only make us believe that those are truths, but once you reset yourself and look deeper inside, you may realize that there is only one truth: your personal truth. The devil only tries to confuse us through people who gave up their right to be with God.
You may hear on TV media channels that we are not worth it or that we need to obey someone else in order to be worth it, but that is what governments and religions have done over thousands of years. It is only a trick to make us believe we are weak and powerless, but we are not. The power comes from removing fear, actually, all fears that are pushed on us: fear of the end of the world, fear of dying, fear of being without money or any other kind. When enough people stop being afraid, that will be the trigger to move to a new era because only then we realize that together, we can build Heaven on Earth. When fear is gone, a beautiful feeling of love and power emerges. Yes, it comes out because it is always in us, only that we built a cage around it, a cage of an invisible material called fear.
Do not be afraid you are not chosen because nobody is. It is a self-reflection call.

God bless