Sensitive Times

I am always trying to write my stories from a spiritual perspective, not to judge anyone, and to encourage people to listen to their hearts.
I will not break the rule with this article, but I need to set up a background first for my guidance.
We live in a time when someone or something pushes a strange agenda onto us. It is just an idea, but it is enough to make people fight and hate each other. It is about the woke trend. I have watched many videos lately and am trying to understand what happens. Some of us did not find our purpose and happiness, so as a result, we tried to change something in our lives like anyone else.
And then the woke trend came up. Clever people pushed this idea with an agenda prepared. These people are evil, have no values in life, and are entirely detached from God. They took advantage of some of us who are at a crossroads or have some Karma imbalance that needs to be resolved. And not just that, but use force to make everyone else play their game. I heard so much talking about acceptance of anyone. However, it would be right if people who play that game would not affect others. But that is far from the truth. Our children must listen to this indoctrination and agree to it. That is the greatest sin. You can bash me as long as you want. I will ignore you and follow my heart, but children can be fragile. They should be treated with love and compassion, as we should for every adult. As I say, the difference is that children can be broken at an early age. We push a new dogma in schools now and over the media channels that children are to choose their gender and eventually go for surgery, which will be free of charge in some countries. And, yes, we have to accept that and embrace it. We cannot say anything because the “woke people” will be affected and suffer. Do you see anything wrong here? From a common sense perspective? Strangely, all governments or almost all promote the same thing.
In short, I should not say anything that can somehow be interpreted as an insult to others. That is the new message from the government, or I would tell people who control the government.
Let me bring something that will throw this concept out of the window.
Now, let us look a bit at the entertainment sector. I check the latest music videos promoted and accepted as a norm in our society.
One of many is on the top now. It’s an album called “Holly Fuck.” Yes, you heard it right, where the singer posed semi-naked on a cross. The lyrics are highly offensive to all Christian people. Not like I do not call a man posing as a trans woman “she”; believe me, much more than that. I will not put those lyrics here because it brings so much lower energy to the reader, and It is not in my spirit to do so.
The only thing that comes into my mind is how it is possible to promote such blasphemy in a society pretending that we can hurt with words; in a society, all the “woke” people are so sensitive. Is this unilateral? Or are Christian people to be insulted because they are supposed to turn the other chick? Use common sense, use Go’d logic, and immediately, you may see that it is nothing but evil trying to take over.
I am not religious, but if religions bring people closer to God, it is doing a good thing. On the other hand, the current ideas promoted by our so-called “leaders,” are trying desperately to remove God from our lives. Evil is clever and patient. They know they cannot change us, people who have a strong connection with the source, with God, but future generations can be changed. And that is what they are trying to do: create diversions to make people fight and forget the true purpose in life. And if it does not work, they use force. You may keep your mouth shut or become excluded from society, attributing to you all these names they already have in their pocket for you.
Many of us stay silent and say it is not our problem, or we do not want to get in trouble with society. But by doing so, you get in trouble with God. We are all messengers of God, and if we do not promote his message, we let evil take over. We are accomplices by being ignorant. So, please speak up your mind and stay connected with God. That is the only way we can survive this farce. Do not be afraid, listen to your heart, use love and compassion to guide your child, and nothing can break you, not now, not ever.