couple facing each other under trees

Life Advice

Recently I have seen some advice for young people on Quora. “Build your body and make money; with that, you will have everything you need later in life.”

What terrible advice! But it is aligned with a sick society that talks only about that every single day. We become the body and the money we have in our bank accounts. We lose our souls’ identities.
A parent told his child: “You do not have time to play soccer with friends. You must study and become a doctor. Then you can play all the soccer you want.” It is as funny as it is a drama.
Here is my advice:
Enjoy life, get educated, find your interest, be compassionate, love and be loved, and help others, and prosperity and happiness will follow. Like all we know, a dying man will never complain that he did not make more money, but he wasted precious time that he could spent with family and friends. Be smart but better; be wise.