The Lowest Point

We all see what is going on right now. Wars, hate, and death are shown all over the TV these days. Many keep asking why God let this happen without looking into ourselves. We allow this to happen because we have free will. We are at fault; God only manifests through us if we want and let to. If we detach from God, spirituality, and divine source, what else do we expect? Many were tricked into materiality and physicality without realizing that we lose connection to the source once we do that. Others are tricked with fake words of God into killing. As a result, we see wars, famine, and death for adults and children, which is heartbreaking. Still, we do not try to look at the cause and fix it, but we are convinced to take sides.
The problem is that these days, the good and the bad guys are very well interchangeable by anyone capable of convincing which side to take. We can all pretend to sustain the “good cause,” even if we radically contradict each other.
What if I bring the news to you that there are no more good causes? What if we fall into the trick and the devil takes over? All governments and their leaders are bad, if not evil, at this time.
When killing occurs from both sides, can we clearly distinguish between good and evil? When we agree that it is good that Ukrainians are killing Russians or Jews killing Arabs or vice versa, do we still believe we are on God’s side?
We created this mess and are going deeper and deeper into it. We let God go, and as a result, we let love go. As such, we attach to fear, hate, and selfishness. We try hard to justify our actions as being on the right side, but we cannot convince even ourselves.
The thing is that we are not yet at the lowest point but are going there fast. Wars cannot solve problems; they never did. The only way is that people should awaken. Most of us are in a hypnotic trans right now and must step out of it.
But I do not see it happening. And we will have again to fulfill the circle. Imagine that there is a point in the circle where we started as spiritual beings with love, compassion, and empathy. The more we move away from that, the worse it gets. At some point, we may awake and take a shortcut back to the starting point where heaven is on Earth. If not, we will have to get there the hard way, where suffering wars and hate will be predominant, and after a long and more tremendous shock, we will awake and find ourselves at the starting point. I guess it is what in the bible is considered the end of the world. These diabolic people who drive us there are merely following the plan they do not know: to bring us back to the starting point. It is meant to happen for us to crush before waking from a nightmare that we maintain.
If we do not wake up, we should be prepared for much worse than it is now. It is only one thing to do for those who listen: return to God, return to love, compassion, and servitude. For all of us doing so, nothing will be harsh or burdensome. A new realm will open for us, and we will gracefully get to the starting point without pain and suffering.

God bless and God help.