The power of thought.

In many religions, we are blessing the food before every meal. We give thanks to God for what we received. However, that is not the main reason of blessing. Through blessing, we actually have the pure and beautiful thought of gratitude and love, and our thought is more powerful than we believe it is.
Our thought changes the food, the water, the drinks we are about to enjoy, purifying and enhancing it. That is the true meaning of our blessing, that is the main reason the blessed water in the church is having amazing power.
In a similar fashion, the negative thought influences everything around us, going to the extent that we even get sick. Your thought is your expression, your manifestation, and interaction with the exterior. Make it beautiful and powerful and the heaven will stay with you. That is the true Heaven!

But what is the thought?
We have hundreds or thousands of thoughts every day. But did you ever have a thought about your thought? What is it? What do I do with it when it is coming?
The thought is creation. We, humans we have the power of creation given by God.
Every single time when we have a thought we starting our creation process. There is no emotion without the thought, and emotion is energy in motion. Basically, our thought is the engine that puts energy in motion but is more than that.
Have you ever really want something or you were interested in something and that was happening? Then we said, it was a coincidence, of course, that is what we call it if we want to let go of that miraculous thing that just happened.
Now your thoughts can generate fear or love. You choose because if you let somebody else to choose for you, it will be always fear.

Imagine what can you do with your thought and imagine what can we do if we focus together on the same thought, could be a positive or negative one. We can create and adjust our own reality. We can show people that heaven is on Earth.

Have you ever wonder how the greatest of horrible events happened on Earth? It is the global consciousness that changes the world. We cannot blame one person, a president or any leader for what is happening in the world, we all are responsible. Everyone is doing his/her part and the totality of us all is shaping reality. We can end at any point the unfairness of the world but we have to want that not just to agree to it. Do not think for a second you are to insignificant, because you are not, you are all powerful and play a main role in this movie, you are just made to believe you are just the dust cleaner of the stage, by some others who got intoxicated with power over you and forgot their own role.