Possession and competition

In this world, this reality or dimension we have been thought that we must accumulate. In the beginning is knowledge but later in life, we have been told that the more you have the better our life will be. We have started accumulating things and manmade achievement papers, medals, trophies. We go from houses to cars clothing food to titles on papers passport or achievements at work.

None of this is important nor needed. Everything becomes a tool of control. Some people on top are starting to believe that they are better and they are buying their freedom enslaving others. The thing is that those people are not free either. Because they are afraid of losing it. Fear is present in their life and that keeps them enslaved too. Yes, they are enslaved by their own fear.

We are being pushed from a very small edge to compete against each other, leaving the “weak” behind. We are winners, they are losers, we have the life they cannot even think about because we are better. This all concept of competition is nothing else but an inflated ego and us, as children are being indoctrinated to believe that is the “right” way. But in a world of love and compassion, where is the competition? We can help each other and your happiness is my happiness. For so many times we must remember, we are all one and we are here just to give and help same as God does.

When people will wake up, they will end competition and realize the truly given way: that fear vs love is so small and insignificant. Once God, which is pure love, will be remembered they will have no need for fear and will be free. If we, the majority will awake there will be not a choice for the rest either, and ultimately, we all be living in love we all will remember God.

It will take a thousand years, ten thousand years, does not matter because time is not important. Only love is.