Primordial feeling

We all have feelings. Many kinds, you may say. This is a great mechanism to experience and learn from that experience. But let’s back up and think about that.

How many types of feelings are out there? We, people like to classify everything so let’s do a feeling classification.

There are primary feelings, there are derived feelings from a primary or non-primary feeling and then there are feelings that are born due to the lack of other feelings.

Love is a primary feeling. We are born with only love and innocence, unconditional love. And then from the love, we have all derived feelings and attributes of them like compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, happiness.

How about fear? Is that a primary feeling? Certainly not. Fear is just a feeling created due to the lack of love. Imagine a child who is lost. He is without the love of his parents and he is scared. Fear is crawling in. Same is applying to us. people when we are lost without the love of God. We become afraid, fear is getting in and makes us do all stupid things to survive. But that is just an illusion, is not fear to make us do that but us, doing it to ourselves. The thing is that God is always there but we just forget.

Through fear, we come to feelings like anger, hate, frustration, anxiety and many other negative emotions. Those are derived feelings from fear.

Basically, is only one primordial feeling, love.

You may say how that can be true? I love my kid, but when he is doing stupid things I get angry, sometimes mad. Do you mean I do not love my kids? Because I do love them and I know it.

How can I get mad if I love him? The mechanism is very simple. We love our kids, our parents our friends, but also, we humans, are very good at forgetting. In that moment when my kid broke a glass or didn’t finish his homework we forget love, we forget forgiveness and we let fear and all its derivative feelings to take over. If we keep remembering love, we will never get mad and once we pass our love to our kids they will accomplish amazing things. We can love and teach them at the same time. Just like Jesus! When we will be able to do that, we will be like Jesus.

Please, do not forget God, do not forget love because that is all that is, that is the primordial feeling.


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