I have always wanted to help. I know, this is our true nature and it is the only purpose in life. You can help in many ways, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I know our nature is great, we are created with love and from love, we are created from light and we are light.

Have you ever meet people that they look OK from outside but they are so negative? To the point that they come with arguments that true human nature and the world is nothing but bad and not correctable, that all the masters like Jesus or Buddha or any other master knew and unknown to us, were not helping with anything and nothing change by their presence here on earth.

It is so sad that makes me cry, even when I think someone can be like that. Even more, they are becoming mad at you that you are talking about the spiritual world and about the shift, the awakening or God. They become verbally violent and through every “logical” argument, based on their own egotistic mind at you.

So what do we do in such cases? We do nothing. We just have to apply the noninterference rule, even it is no such rule, but we have to back up and live them evolve at their own pace.

People like that, choose their own experience and no one else is responsible for their unhappiness. You may help and try to bring positive energy but sometimes if noninterference is what they want you must respect their own choice, and be happy for them because is the way they want to be. One day they will understand the way Jesus said. “If you want to be like me, I will help you. If you don’t, I will wait.”

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