Why is life so hard?

Life is so hard because we wanted to be like that. Normally, you would say that is crazy. I do not want my life to be hard. I want to have money and live peacefully on an island or travel all over the world. That is what your surface mind is saying, your ego your social belief. Behind the scene, life is a game. Imagine you play a computer game. How would you like to be? You will like a game that put you on the beach and ask you to count the birds or you would like a game with tons of challenges, with a lot of action, with diverse background and so on. That is the way we want to play. From that hard game we learn many things, what should I do not to be in danger, who has the magic, all these things a great game comes with. And if it is happening to die in the game you say so what is just a game, I will start over. That is the life! The only thing is that the programming is so perfect that you forget is a game and then you wish for an easier one, just because you forgot. Right now, I am reminding you, this is the game. If it is hard, you love it, embrace it and an amazing experience will bring you to the next level, a new level of evolution. Do not complain life is hard, you can make it easy and still enjoyable because this game has been programmed by you, you are the architect.