If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?

Recently, somebody asked this question in a group. I have to say, it was a very successful experiment. I can tell, there were about two hundred answers and many of them, if not most, were fear, hate and pain, and also few that said, Trump.

What would answer if I would ask you?

I was talking about the primordial feeling in one of the previous posts. If we look deeper all of the fear, hate, pain, jealousy and many others, are nothing but the lack of love. I was surprised to see that many if not all, are thinking that getting rid of one thing will make a difference. Most likely not. Other negative energies, because those are just low energy propagating as we know to be negative, will evolve and nothing will be changed. I am not saying that we have to get rid of many things because that will not solve the problem either.

Instead of getting rid of something, we should bring something back to us, remembrance.

Every master coming to earth kept telling us the same thing over and over, that we should bring love and that will solve everything else. If you love someone, would you fear him, would you do anything bad to that person, would you steal from him, would you be jealous of him?

So, my answer is: Do not get rid of anything, just make everyone remember the love of God because that is all about. Once that is accomplished, every other negative energy will vanish without a trace. Similarly, when you forget love, the negative energies will rise back from the nothingness, as it is happening in present times.