What is my signature

A monk is knocking at the gate of the city. The soldier is asking him to identify himself. The monk looks for a small paddle and sees his own reflection and he said: “I see, is me”.

In our current society when we are talking about our signature, immediately we are thinking of our signature on paper, eventually our name. But is that what defines us? Is that good enough to be recognized?

Of course not! Many of us are looking only to that. I must build a name, to be a celebrity and people will know me. But that is just a fake knowingness. No matter who do you convince to say about you on TV, newspaper, at work, that is not you, it is just an image someone created about you.

We are what we are creating, what we manifest and that is what defines us. We know us through that and God knows it and is enough. We do not need recognition on media. That is just the ego who wants that. And I said so many times when ego takes over we are doomed for this life. Don’t listen to it, listen to yourself, see and follow your creation and purpose. We know what it is, we just refuse to listen.

Once I met a very nice gentleman at subway. He was giving up the book he wrote, for free. If you wanted an autograph, you can give him an amount of money. He wrote a nice book about his time in jail, about twenty years, about his awakening in there. I was interested, so I gave him money and ask for one book. He said: “Let me sign it for you”. I told him he already did and he didn’t understand. I told him, the book itself is his signature. That is how I will recognize him.

That is true for all of us. Our creation is our signature, no matter what papers are saying.