Fear of God

Many times, we have heard the expression he is a good man living with the fear of God. But what is that? Should we be afraid of God?

Let take a step back and think about us, parents. Should our kids be afraid of us? We love our kids unconditionally and they love us in the same way. There is no reason they should grow in fear.

And as a good parent, I want my kid to be happy and loved and not to be afraid. Now I am asking. Do you think our father, our loving God wants us to be afraid?

This is a common-sense question. God loves us unconditionally. Why do we think we should be afraid of him? And us like his children we love him unconditionally.

So, where this concept fear of God came from? From man, from some of us that forgot about God and they became lonely and frightened, same as a kid lost without his parents.

And then fear came in. Once that happened, one tried to make other the same and started controlling them with the hope that they will be safe being on top of the hierarchy they created.

And that hierarchy is present everywhere, in church, in government at work everywhere and we are thought that we should fear the superior. Because if they are higher in the hierarchy they are “superiors”. But we are all equally created by God. Why is someone suddenly better? And worse, why someone convinces you that he is better and you believed it. Because fear equals control and temporarily make them safe.

A loving God does not create fear but love. God loves us and provides for us and by our nature, we do the same. Next time we should say “He is a good man living with the love of God and not with the fear of God”.