The cage of our own mind

We are made to believe that we are not free. How can I be free when I do not do what I want to do? We, generation after generation fought for freedom without even knowing what freedom is. We use to think of freedom like the opposite of enslavement, but it is more to that. And we came with concepts as freedom of expression, freedom of the press, freedom of speech and so much more.
But that is an earthly freedom. The worst is when we have the EGO enslaving us. That is the true enemy of freedom. We cage and limit our true self. When we break that imaginary cage we become free, truly. Undo the cage that you created, and you will be free no matter of the different forms of enslavement you are exposed to because we have been created as free beings and that cannot be taken away.

History has been proving over and over again. Masters came to teach us the amazing truth, and they will come again because we have the magic within us and will be there always. No matter how hard some will try to enslave us will not work, and their own greed and fear will turn against them. They may try to diminish our power and magic, trying to push fear on all channels, but once we will return to Love fear will go in fear.

We have been told that we, humans are weak. Songs are being played about being human as a bad nature, stories show on TV that we are not good enough, but people awake no matter what. The cage that has been projected on us, will disappear no matter what and our ego will be dissolved. Our true nature cannot be taken away, we are born from light as light.